• Palazzo

    The Quick-Step Palazzo collection is wood in all its glory. Beautifully proportioned, these long and wide planks will add warmth and character to any room. All designs have a subtle V-groove on the longest side of each plank.

  • Castello

    Quick-Step Castello planks are characterized by a subtle V-groove on the longest edge to give more depth to the room. Whichever interior style you choose, the wide assortment of wood species, structures and finishes allows you to create an inviting atmosphere.

  • Villa

    The vivid wood planks of the Quick-Step Villa collection will bring your room to life. The Villa series now also includes new 3-strip patterns with longer strips which makes the floor softer and less marked. This results in even more elegance, giving your room added length and depth.

  • Compact

    Quick-Step Compact floors show the beauty and style of real wood, with a High Density Fibre core, giving it a total thickness of 12,5 mm - very handy for your renovation projects and for rooms with underfloor heating.