• Largo

    The Quick-Step Largo planks are special - they are the longest and widest planks in our range - and they’ll make your room special too. At more than two metres long, they exude class and quality.

  • Vogue

    Quick-Step Vogue is a range of specialty oak inspired designs with unique wear resistant edges. They are solid, strong and bursting with character, thanks to their beautiful structure and luxurious grain.

  • Country

    Quick-Step Country brings the traditions of artisan craftsmanship and luxury at an affordable price. Every plank has recessed edges, just as you would expect with felled-timber floors.

  • Rustic

    The Quick-Step Rustic range has an ideal length and width dimension which makes smaller rooms seem bigger. Rustic floors have a particularly natural look and feel with a pronounced surface texture and bevels. They are an excellent choice for people looking for tradition and style.

  • Eligna

    The Quick-Step Eligna floors are strikingly beautiful thanks to their excellent balance between length and width. The solid, extended plank floors without grooves generate a soft and tasteful effect.

  • Perspective

    The Quick-Step Perspective collection is characterized by a perfect balance between plank length and plank width. The characteristic grooves of these solid planks floors will expand the optical perspective of your interior.

  • Elite

    Quick-Step Elite floors with subtle edges are elegant and stylish and because the planks join together seamlessly - like all Quick-Step floors - there is never any dust or dirt between the joints.

  • Lagune

    With the Lagune floors, Quick-Step has produced a range of ship deck floors particularly suitable for bathrooms. These designs can also be used in other rooms around the house.

  • Classic

    Quick-Step Classic is more than just a laminate floor. In this range you will find balanced combinations of colour and style blended with a natural look and feel.

  • Arte

    Quick-Step Arte is a range of magnificent large floor tiles with subtle V-grooves and a very typical look. They combine the charm and durability of an original floor with the practical benefits of Laminate.