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Laminate has a number of benefits. It can be laid on your own, as laminate planks adhere to each other very easily. Thanks to the planks adhering to one another well, laminate is very easy to clean. Laminate also gives you complete freedom when furnishing the interior, since laminate selection nowadays is huge. High quality laminate flooring lasts for a very long period of time and is also given a long-term warranty.  In order to choose the right laminate, it is important to consider where the flooring will be installed, as it will determine the thickness, water resistance and other properties of the laminate. Laminate is a perfect fit for both home and office. Laminate flooring will create warm, cosy and very aesthetically pleasing look. The key is to have properly installed laminate.





Parquet is unique flooring made of natural wood. Key benefits of parquet: aesthetical look, easy installation and the chance to renew the flooring by sanding. Parquet also gives perfect insulation from sound and heat. Furthermore, parquet is highly resistant to deformity and mechanical damage. The selection of three-layer parquet of various designs is large, therefore, you will be able to customize it to your dream interior. If you value natural design, love wood and simplicity, then parquet is just for you. Three-layer parquet is becoming increasingly popular. Parquet is also very easy to maintain. Besides, parquet is one of the most pleasant surfaces for those who enjoy walking barefoot. Thanks to its stability, parquet is also suitable for heated floors.