With outstanding performance and an exceptional range of colours, formats and accessories, iQ Optima brings design into line with potential to create a genuine multi-solution offer. From hospitals to schools, hotels or offices, from wetroom to bedroom, iQ Optima can provide a single solution or a complete co-ordinated design that flows seamlessly between ambience and functions. The revitalised iQ Optima range takes homogeneous vinyl to a new level of design potential with a palette that has more than doubled from 30 to 64 colours. Teamed with new formats and accessories – tiles, planks, acoustic and slip-resistant, plus multi-colour welding rods – iQ Optima is a genuine multi-solution offer. iQ Optima has a colour and design solution for every ambience, offering a palette that ranges from neutral practical greys to vivid colour, and the user-friendly comfort and look of wood. With so many options, it’s possible to create a never-ending surface that flows from one area to another, changing mood and function, without sacrificing performance. To go with the special character of the Essence colour range, iQ Optima introduces embossed and planks embossed rolls as well as a unique plank format with bevelled edges. This brings the look and feel of real wood, while retaining all the iQ performance characteristics – including the ability to dry buff.
Product type
Homogeneous single layered vinyl flooring
Classification 34/43
Total thickness
2 mm
Total weight
2800 g
Surface treatment
Abrasion group
Group T
Residual indentation Iki 0,02 mm
Castor chair test Suitable
Reaction to fire
Bacteria resistance Does not favour growth
Slip resistance
Technical datasheet
Mantenance guide