iQ Eminent is one of our most popular floorings. Launched for the first time in 1987, it quickly became appreciated for its colour system, innovative design and iQ benefits. And the iQ Eminent is now even better. The design concept and colour system have been reviewed, and refined to new aesthetic heights in phase with modern society. It combines outstanding functional properties with a range of exciting designs. This includes a non-directional pattern, a 3D effect created by the addition of pearlescent chips, and an expanded range of fashionable colours in 26 different shades. iQ Eminent's three accent colours make this a perfect multi-solution flooring. You can mix and match across areas and functions while maintaining a constant visual theme and coherence.
Product type
Homogeneous single layered vinyl flooring
Classification 34/43
Total thickness
2 mm
Total weight
2950 g
Surface treatment
Abrasion group
Group T
Residual indentation Iki 0,02 mm
Castor chair test Suitable
Reaction to fire
Bacteria resistance Does not favour growth
Slip resistance
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