• Homogeneos vinyl

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    Homogeneos vinyl
  • Heterogeneos vinyl

    Heterogeneous vinyl coating - this is a multilayer coating, which consists of a base and a pure (100%) of PVC.

    Heterogeneos vinyl
  • Acoustic vinyl

    Acoustic cover used in rooms where soundproofing and wear resistance are important.

    Acoustic vinyl
  • Safety flooring

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    Safety flooring
  • Static control

    Electrostatic coating is characterized as a static-dissipating static conductive flooring.

    Static control
  • Wallcoverings

    Wallgard is a homogeneous vinyl product that has been developed to suit all wall conditions.

  • Wetroom floors

    The ideal solution for wet environments! Suitable for use in medical and elderly care, educational facilities and sports centers.

    Wetroom floors